This blog was started to solve the problem of WordPress, and Web Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many more) which we, as Web Development learners, are facing these days. 

To solve the problems for newbies and as well as for intermediates.

My Mission to start this blog

  • To help the newbies who are struggling to learn Web Development
  • To help the newbies to earn money from the Web Development projects or get a job.
  • To help the students who can not afford the paid course.
  • I have a goal to be a well-known woman entrepreneur and affiliate marketer.
  • From my childhood, I am doing charity to help people but I time had to think about money. 
  • Now, I have enough money to do this work and want to help more and more children so they will fulfill their dreams, and achieve their goals.

Thank you.

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